26 Setembre 2017

Arran is our new Conversation Assistant at the school. He will work with the Baloos, Koticks, Mowglis & Akeles. Arran is happy to be here and he is looking forward to working with all of the children.
                                                                          About Arran
Arran has a brother, his name is Calum. Arran and his brother look different. His mum´s called Shona and his dad is Keith. Arran has a dog, he is called Robbie. Arran is from a small town in England called Keswick.
Arran went to London to study. After that he moved to Zambia in Africa and he helped the children there to speak English and was also coaching sports. Arran saw amazing animals in Zambia.
Arran loves football and listening to music. Last year he was an English teacher in Sant Marti de Tous. He really likes Catalonia.

Berta Piqué Vidal from Akeles


25 Setembre 2017

Comunicat de la Fundació Escola Mowgli, del Claustre i de l'AMPA

09 Juliol 2017

Last Saturday the 8th of July at midnight Akeles arrived exhausted but really happy from a week abroad, in England. We all agreed it has been a great an unique experience they will probably never forget. Akeles had the opportunity to visit many beautiful spots in England like London, Canterbury, Whitstable or Broadstairs. They also lived with English host families and could see their way of living. Moreover Akeles enjoyed their last days together as a group!
It has been fenomenal!

03 Juliol 2017

L'etapa de la senyoreta Ramona a l'Escola Mowgli ha arribat al seu final després de 40 anys de dedicació i estima a l'Escola.

22 Juny 2017

El passat 12 de juny, els Mowglis vam participar a la Cantània que engunay porta per títol "LA NIT DELS MALSONS".

A l'escola participem en aquest projecte musical des de fa 3 anys i com sempre, ha estat una experiència inolvidable.

Estàs aquí:Escola Mowgli Blocs de l'Escola Cicle Superior Mowglis

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